Testing Wine Tumbler Temperature Retention

by | Sep 17, 2022 | News

Wine Tumblers

We’ve recently added a new product to our line: wine tumblers. Like all of our other products these wine tumblers will be sublimated with our spectacular graphics, funny and sarcastic sayings, and all around custom text.

But before we get too far into listing and marketing them, we figured we should test them out to see how well they keep beverages to temp.

Who Likes Their Wine Chilled?

Christine is more of the wine connoisseur of the two of us. She likes her Moscato bubbly and ice cold, so this will be the ideal vessel for her to sip her wine from whether we’re at the pool, campfire, or just sitting on the porch watching the sun set.

She’ll typically pour a glass and add a few ice cubes to keep it chilly, but the ice soon melts and dilutes her adult grape juice. However, she will now be set for at least two hours before needing any ice.

Test Parameters

For the test I placed the tumbler in the freezer without the lid for about a half an hour. At the same time, I filled my Yeti Rambler with iced water. When the wine tumbler came out of the freezer, I filled it with the ice water (no ice) and put the lid in place. I placed an instant read thermometer in the sippy hole and took a picture with my phone. I removed the thermometer and closed up the sippy hole. Temp was 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

In an hour I measured the temperature again and took another picture. Temp was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Not too shabby!

At the 2-hour mark I repeated the recording process. Temp was 29 degrees Fahrenheit. I’d say that the wine tumbler will indeed keep beverages cold.

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