Latest Additions to our Health Care Provider Coffee Mugs on 03/10/2023

by | Mar 10, 2023 | News

 Check out the latest additions to our EMS collection

We’ve just added three new products for all of our EMS professionals out there doing the job every day!

If you’ve been involved in EMS for any amount of time you’ve come across you fare share of stupid acts performed by everyday people.

Here are the products that you’ve been waiting for to celebrate what has become the norm to you.

We have all had the patient that did something sketchy that you really can’t just call them out on it. So we reserve judgement on them until the folks with the degrees can set them straight. We’ll just keep sippin’ coffee from our “I’m Not Qualified To Diagnose But I Do Have Theories” mug.

The second offering is our Zucchini-Related Injury mug. Honoring the poor souls that tripped and fell on a zuchinni that just happened to impale itself into a certain body orrifice.

And our third new ceramic mug is the ever-poplular “But did you die” mug. These have been a best seller as an ornament and a camp mug.


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