Why Photos Are So Important

Photographs are an integral part of our business at IMT Keepsakes. We use photos in all of our products. It follows that we want you to choose the very best picture possible for your keepsake or gift. The better the photograph, the better the finished product will come out.

Full-Sized v. Cropped Photos

We prefer full-sized photos due to many variables such as product shape, holes for a keychain, strap, or ribbon, and to decrease the amount of blurred background in the finished product. We can manipulate the full-sized photo to best fit the finished product.

Let’s say that you purchased a heart shaped rearview mirror charm and want a picture of your child on the front with a custom quote on the other side. However, the picture that you absolutely love has other people in it that you really don’t want included on the item. I typically get a tall skinny cropped picture in my inbox instead of the full-sized pic with an explanation of what they want in-frame. Consequently, nobody wants a picture with a hole through the subject’s head. so, by the time I avoid the hole in the top, the tall skinny picture now became a short skinny picture. Sometimes the picture is just a very tight close up, which is going to create the same hassles in getting a respectable finished product.

Uncropped Image

Finished Product Using the Uncropped Pic

This version of the ornament definitely looks good. In order to achieve the best results:

  • JPG file type
  • the highest resolution possible
  • specify what to focus on when ordering. We can try something different if I can’t make it work.

In the end you will be happier with your keepsake ornament if you take these steps.

Cropped Image

Finished Product Using the Cropped Pic

Although this version isn’t completely horrible, there is quite a bit of blank space around the subject. Even though the background is the same picture blurred out, it’s still not as good as the full sized picture.

More Than One Subject

When there is more than one subject in the picture it is best to have about a third of the photo above their heads. Unless there is a gap between the heads that will accommodate the hole in the ornament. Image 3 is a good example.

There is enough head space in Image 1 and Image 2 to fill in the ornament.

When using a picture with a larege group Image 4 works much better than Image 5. The subjects are in a close group and there is head space on the picture. The subjects in Image 5 are spread out and the picture would work better if the picture was taken from a distance with more of the background visible on all four sides.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Other Examples

Image 6 is another example of multiple subjects without any headspace and no place to set the hole other than above their heads. At some point this picture was editted to make the back ground all black. This made it possible to fill the ornament with the same color as seen in Image 7.

The picture in Image 8 is a cell phone screen capture; not ideal, but usable with some basic cropping. The final result with the blurred background is seen in Image 9 isn’t too bad, but working with the client we decided to use a round ornament instead of the heart. Image 10.

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

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