All Hail the Soccer Coach – Introducing a brand-new product to our line

by | Aug 26, 2022

Youth Soccer

Christine and I were attending soccer practice with our granddaughter Lilyana at the Swallow Street Park Field in Pittston PA (Home of the Tomato Festival) The Pittston Tomato Festival is a 4-day celebration of the tomato with live music, vendors, contests, a tomato fight, and a 5K run. It happens every year in late August, so check it out.

The “Orange Crushers” are a team of 10 or so determined 7ish year-old soccer super stars playing in the Stoners Soccer League. They are coached by, in my humble opinion, two of the most patient people, Liz and Mike. They do an amazing job getting the children to focus and work together as a team, and once in a while score a goal.

But it’s not about scoring goals or being the best player. It’s about teamwork, comradery, learning values, and working towards a common goal as a team. So, if you see Mike or Liz, or any youth league coach out and about take the time to thank them for what they do. They are truly priceless and so valuable to our children and grandchildren.


We already have a few soccer products in our on-line stores, and this inspired me to come up with something for the coaches. Now we’ve added Soccer Coach and Greatest Coach our camp mug line. Both have a soccer ball with a banner and have a drop shadow to give them some depth. So much so that the imprint almost appears to be three dimensional.

Greatest Soccer Coach

On Sale Thru 9/11 $12.74

Soccer Coach

On Sale Thru 9/11 $12.74

Other Soccer Keepsakes

We also offer a variety of soccer related keepsakes in our store here and on Etsy. Take your pick of Christmas themed mugs and ornaments. Our dog tag keychains are a popular seller for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas.

Plus, all of our products are 100% customizable. If you see something that you like but doesn’t have the correct title, we can make it for you. Simply fill out the contact form that is available on every listing.

Quality Products

All of our products are purchased in the USA. A majority of them coming from Conde Systems. You are getting a quality product that we stand behind and should last a lifetime.

Images are sublimated onto a polymer surface on the item and will not peel, rub or fade over time.

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